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Bộ trùm khí Doorhan Dock Seal DSHRT

Retractable shelters of DSHRT and DSHRTM series are designed to perfectly suit warehouses, logistics centres and other premises with medium cargo traffic. PVC fabric used for front curtains is highly elastic and wear and tear resistant. Trailers back into the shelter during loading/unloading operations while head and side curtains create a tight seal against the truck top and rear body. In case of off-center parking the collapsible frame retracts upon impact and automatically returns to its original position after truck departure. The shelter is mounted using the suspended method of installation.

  • Only qualified personnel acquainted with the design and construction of the shelter should handle it.
  • Prior to mounting carefully inspect the dock shelter. Never use it in case any damage is found.
  • Position the trailer in the middle of the dock shelter aligning with the white guide stripes.
  • Back the trailer slowly till it contacts with dock bumpers.
  • Make sure the truck is stationary, the handbrake is put on, the wheels are choked. Head and side curtains should tightly wrap the truck.
  • Attention! To prevent dock shelter damage truck size should correspond to shelter type and dimensions.


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