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Electrohydraulic dock leveler with hinged lip of DLHH series is an optimal solution for warehouses and logistics facilities where it’s necessary to provide fast and secure loading and unloading at the dock. When activated, the leveler lifts and the lip opens turning into a horizontal position. Then the platform lowers until it reaches the vehicle load bed. Once all work is completed the leveler lifts, the lip lowers and the platform returns to its original stored position. Both embedded and suspended installation of the leveler are possible.

  • Conduct routine inspections and maintenance of the dock leveler to ensure its safe and smooth operation.
  • Keep people and goods clear of working area while operating the dock leveler.
  • Keep overhead door fully open while operating the dock leveler.
  • Make sure the vehicle is properly parked against the dock bumpers. Chock the wheels if needed.
  • Do not drive on the leveler unless the lip is securely positioned on the truck bed and has a minimum of 100 mm overlap on its surface.
  • Ensure that the control unit location allows operator to clearly see and control dock leveler operation.
  • Use dock levelers with 1,3 Н/mm² point load only with standard forklifts having inflatable wheels.
  • Use dock levelers with 6,5 Н/mm² point load with loading machinery having high point load, including electric stackers, pallet carriers, reach trucks, order picking stackers on polyurethane wheels.


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